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Eisley - Brightly Wound tab

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F                            Gm     A#        F
its happening all the time, when i open my eyes
           Gm    A#         F
im still taken by suprise.  
                  Gm        A#            F
I hold sunlight and swallow fire flies
               Gm       A#     F
And it  makes me want to cry.  I love you.

F                     D
I shall never grow up
Make believe is much to fun
G                                       D
Can we go far away to the humming meadows.

G                                        D                               Am7
We were walking there, and i had tangles  in  my hair.
                            C         D         G
But you make me feel so pretty. 
                                    D                                Am7
You have shining eyes, yes like those forest lights
                     C           D         Am
and it makes me want to cry. I love you.

Ooh, oh, oh
Ah, ah, ah,..
( switches back between Am and C )
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