Electric Light Orchestra - Julie Dont Live Here tab

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I wander through the town
A town I knew so well but it seems so strange
E                   B E
The wind blows cold
E                                         B
I remember when I thought your street was paved with gold
I walked along the street
A street I walked along many times before
E                       B E
The things have changed
E                                  B
Everything I ever knew was gone or rearranged

B           E           F#
Julie don't live here anymore (Julie don't live here anymore)
B           E            F#      
She moved away many years before (Julie don't live here anymore)
B          F#   A            E    
How can it be, this I can't believe
B           E          F#
Julie don't live here anymore

(Second time when they go 'Ahh ahhh')
C# E(barre) B

I walked up to your door
Last night I saw your face in the window
But it was different now
The lonely light where we used to meet was gone
I thought about your smile
Your laughing eyes and the things you said to me
I felt so sorry for you
For all the nights we spent hanging around with nothing else to do

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