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Elf Power - Willowy Man tab

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			     WILLOWY MAN - Elf Power
Tabbed by: Zachary Lane

Tuning: Standard

Intro: F C F C
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F                           C                   
Once a willowy man made his way across the Earth
He saw shining seas and emerald trees and,
the worms laughing in the dirt,
He would memorize the planets,
and the stars above,
and dream a secret dream,
about the ones he loved...

Repeat Intro 

Once a slippery man, made his way across the sea,
He saw tiny fish and made a wish and,
changed into you and me,
They would float upon their backs,
to watch the stars above
and dream a secret dream,
about the ones they loved... 

Continue with chords during flute/recorder solo

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