Eliza Doolittle - Skinny Genes tab

Hey guys we played this song by ear and came up with these tabs..it has a slightly more 
upbeat tune to it. Hope you enjoy. If you wanna listen to how it sounds or figure out 
the strumming, here's our cover on youtube

Skinny Genes Acoustic Cover

Key: G major
Standard EADGBE Tuning

Basic Chords Used-
Gmaj9  Am7  Am9   D9   D7

Standard rythym with a slap or "chuck" on 2 and 4
I added a sweep right before the "chuck" as embelishment but you can just strum the same 
chord again instead of doing the slap

 Gmaj9   /--/     Am7    /----------------------------------|              Gmaj9

The chorus is a basic strumming pattern with alternating Am7 and Am9 chords.
  Am7	      Am9         Gmaj9

                                     You can alternate between the D9 and D7 to resolve
  Am7         Am9         Gmaj9      D7< < <  Bass lead-in to repeat


Gmaj9 and Am7, repeat to the verse
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