Elle Varner - Damn Good Friends chords

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"Damn Good Friends" by Elle Varner

E                                        Am7
Thought I'd slide past the walls of your heart like
You're from the fly taking my time
Before revealing my true intention
    E                          Am7
But you're so impossible to suggest when
You like us just the way we is.
Please pardon me for my interjection.

     G        Am7
   I long for you
                  D  Am7
   It kills me to pretend
                          D    Am7
   I'm not in love when I just am
   But you don't understand
        G     Am7
   That we're such
   Cmaj7 Em7  Am7      Cmaj7
   Damn  good friends
                 Em7         Am7   Cmaj7
   We could be a whole lot more
                 Em7         Am7
   We could be a whole lot more
       Cmaj7 Am7       D
   But we're such damn good friends

E                               Am7
Two puzzles, identical with the same piece
Missing from both never complete
Never achieving our true perfection
   E                                Am7
So why both scour the earth for the missed piece
Maybe the piece is in our kiss
Maybe the answer's in my direction

CHORUS, but end like this:

                 Em7         Am7
   We could be a whole lot more
   Than damn good friends
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