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Ellegarden - Make A Wish tab

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E  C#m   A  B  A
G#m   C#m  A   B x2

E  B  C#m   G#m   A  B  E  B x4

just play the chorus twice.

that's pretty much the song.
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Sunday is over 
We are all going home 
No reason to stay here 
But no one has made a move 

We know that for sure 
Nothing lasts forever 
But we have too many things gone too fast 

Let's a make a wish 
Easy one 
That you are not the only one 
And someone's there next to you holding your hand 
Make a wish 
You'll be fine 
Nothing's gonna let you down 
Someone's there next to you holding you now 
Someone's there next to you holding you 
Along the paths you walk 

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