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Ellie Goulding - The Writer chords

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This is in a lower key than the original for those not of the female persuasion. I 
actually play it with the capo on 2.

C                Fsus2
You wait for a silence
  C               G
I wait for a word
          Gsus4           Fsus2
Lying next to your frame
C              G
Girl unobserved
        Gsus4                Fsus2
You change your position
            C               G
You're changing me
Gsus4              Dm7
Casting these shadows
             G                        C
Where they shouldn't be

C        Fsus2
We're interrupted
            C                   G
By the heat of the sun
Gsus4            Fsus2
Trying to prevent
                C              G
What's already begun
Gsus4            Fsus2
You're just a body
         C                 G
I can smell your skin
Gsus4           Dm7
And when I feel it
            G            C
You're wearing thin

         Dm Am Fsus2
But I've got a plan
                   G                  Am
Why don't you be the artist
        Fsus2                  C
And make me out of clay?
                    G                 Am
Why don't you be the writer
     Fsus2                    C
Decide the words I say?
    Cmaj9   Am7         Dm7
Cause I'd rather pretend
                  G                   Am             
I'll still be there at the end
 Cmaj9          C            Dm7
Only it's too hard to ask
                    Gsus2            G
Won't you try to help me?

Sat on your sofa
It's all broken springs
This isn't the place for
Those violin strings
I try out a smile
And I aim it at you
You must have missed it
You always do


You wait I wait
Cadd9      G
Casting shadows
Interrupted                     x3

Chorus x2

Fsus2  133011
Gsus2  320013
Dm7    X00211
Cmaj9  X20010
Am7    X02010
Cadd9 - X30010
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