Elliott Smith - No Name 1 tab

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Elliott Smith - No Name #1
from Roman Candle, 1994

Of course, Elliott tends to have two guitars going at once: one playing rhythm chords 
another playing a simple riff on the B string over it.  However, the riff is playable in 
chords, so this is both combined.  The strumming rhythm is tough to convey, so listen to the song.

C	x32010
Am	x02210
F	xx3211
Dm	xx0231
G	355433
G7	353433

The chords go C Am F Dm, and the riff (on the B string) goes like this:

   C             Am            F           Dm

Verse Rhythm:
C         Am             F                Dm             C
at a party he was waiting looking kind of spooky and withdrawn
C               Am         F                  Dm               C
like he could be underwater the mighty mother with her hundred arms
C          Am  F  Dm             C
swept all aside i hate to walk behind
C             Am       F  Dm
other people's ambition i saw you waiting

Chorus Rhythm:
G     G7   G
saint like with your warning
F     Am    F           G
leave alone you don't belong here

he got nervous
started whistling
every thought a ricochet
did you notice?
well i wondered
what's the worst thing i could say?
and i froze up and sighed
you remind me of someones daughter
i forgot her
i forgot her name ashamed
go home and live with your pain
leave alone
leave alone 'cos you know you don't belong
you don't belong here
and when i go
don't you follow
leave alone
leave alone 'cos you know you don't belong
you don't belong here
slip out quiet
nobody's looking
leave alone
you don't belong here
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