Elliott Smith - Unlucky Charm Come Out Now tab

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Unlucky Charm - Elliott Smith
Standard Tuning
E    022454 or 076454
Bb*  6XX454 or 6X6454 or X1X454 (i think he does it like this, it sucks)
A6   X02222
B    X24442
C*   X3434X
C#m  X46654
A    577655 or X02220
Fdim XX34X4

E Bb* A6 B C* C#m A6 Bb* A Fdim

E               Bb*        A6
My flower would not unfold
                B           C*  C#m 
Always waiting for some sunnier day
          A6            Bb*              A   Fdim  
Quiet and patient but afraid and hidden away
E             Bb*                A6
When yr awful truthís been told
           B                     C*  C#m
Matter of fact, I canít take it back
And I wouldnít want to
       Bb*                 A  Fdim 
Or at least thatís what I say
E                       Fdim
will you come out now?
E                 C#m      B        Bb*        A
now that it's too late for me to be in on the scene.
  C#m       B            Bb*           A    Fdim   
i hurt you bad, but you know you're a dream.
E              Bb*            
do you want success, oh yeah.
A6                B          C*    C#m
through somebody else, oh no no no no.
          A6               Bb*                A     Fdim
so start over, it's been a time since you've had to.

E               Bb*
do you got your own thing? yeah.
A6               B        C* C#m
what you want to do for no----ow
stop taking everything back.
      Bb*                    A   Fdim
it confronts you just lying down.
E                      Fdim
will you come out now?
E                   C#m    B      Bb*
who would you do it for, unlucky charm
      C#m     B      Bb*
beautiful collapsing star?
who would it be?
          Fdim E   Bb* A6 B C* C#m A6 Bb* A Fdim E
why wasn't it  me?
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