Elliott Smith - Division Day chords

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 "Division Day"(Smith)
  Released as a single 28/2/97
  with "No Name #6" as the B-side

  Tune Guitar Down a full Step (DGCFAD)

  Intro: D   
            D                    G
 There was grown man dying from fright
       Bm                        E
 so surprised at the things he'd say
          D            G
 With a giant fantasy life
          Bm                E
 running 'round on feet of clay

   D      G             D      G
 Naked except for a perpetual debt
         Bm          A      G
 that couldn't be stripped away
         D        G          D         G
 An unrightable wrong that moved him along 
   D           A     D      A
 closer to division day

 Spent a long time living with that
 Never could give it a name
 And when you don't know what you're looking at
 it makes it much harder to take
 Mostly they'd meet when he was
 asleep and have some sick exchange
 that stuck him as wrong and moved him along
 closer to division day

  Solo (chorus pattern)

 I can't make an exception for a bad
 connection that only goes one way
 sell out for a song where I don't belong
 with you on division day

 The moon stood up on the ridge
 looking down where the water shines
 and a man looking over the bridge
 like he done so many times
 Thinking about how to stay out
 Out of troubles way and
 Flying to fall away from you all
 It's over division day
 Beautiful division day

  Solo #2

 Thinking about how to stay out
 Out of troubles way
 Flying to fall away from you all
 It's over,division day
  G          A      D
 Beautiful division day
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