Elliott Smith - A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free chords

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standard tuning capo 1 (F Bb Eb Ab C F)

t = 10, e = 11, w = 12
Eb  x68886  F   133211
Bb  688766  Gm* xtwwet
C   8tt988  F*  x8ttt8
D   x57775  F#  244322
Gm  355333  G   355433

Eb                Bb
I'm floating in a black balloon
 C      D      Eb
OD   on Easter afternoon
Gm F             Eb        Bb
my momma told me baby stay clean
           C           D  Eb
there's no inbetween

Gm                 F       Bb
but all you ladies and you gentlemen
C                    D    Eb
between's all you've ever seen or been
Gm       F              Eb      Bb
I looked poorly, an outrageous sight
       C               D  Eb
all in persian white

Gm* F*  Eb
you disappoint me
    C                       D
you people taking in on the world
    Eb F*   C      Eb Bb         F          Gm     F#
the devil's script sells you the heart of a blackbird
Eb          Bb            C             Eb
shine on me baby 'cos its raining in my heart
Gm  F  Eb  Bb  C   D  Eb

Gm             F        Bb
wind's blowin' now with all its might
C                  D         Eb
rain droppin' acid bought up in the sky
Gm   F       Eb        Bb      C      D Eb
a distorted reality is now a necessity    to be free

Gm*     F*  Eb
it's so disappointing
    C                         D
at first I put it all down to luck
Eb  F*    C   Eb Bb        F            Gm     F#
god knows why my   country don't give a f***   f***

Bb  C  F#  Bb  F
Gm          F#
shine on me baby
          Bb            C
'cos it's rainin' in my heart
F#          Bb
shine on me baby
          F             Gm  F#  Bb  C   F#  Bb F G
'cos it's rainin' in my heart   ooh ooh
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