Elliott Smith - Shooting Xstar chords

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Shooting Star

From Henry Fonda Theater Performance, 2003

Standard D Tuning DGCFAD

C x32010
A#/C# x4x320
Em7/D x50030
Cm/D# x5x40x
Em x75000
F/C x33211
C/G 332010
G 320033
Am x02210
Am/G 302210
Dm xx0231
Am/F# 200210
F 133211


C A#/C# Em7/D Cm/D# Em 

C/G G 

Am Am/G Am F/C 


C            A#/C#
You make the scene

         Em7/D   Cm/D#  Em
Like you al------ways   do


So Bad

G        Am Am/G Am
So far

F/C                                 C A#/C# Em7/D Cm/D# Em
You'll make him sad, shooting star

Middle Part (Taken from Ian's previous tab on Sweetaddy)

Dm              G          C       /B  Am
I'm distant and cold and a sight to behold
Am   G    F
Everybody Sighs
Dm          G       C   /B   Am
No one gets on with you very long
Am                 G            Am/F#  F
Cos you don't feel bad when you lie

The second chord might not need the C# note on the B string but other than that 
this should be alright,have fun 

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