Elliott Smith - Shooting Star chords

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Hi, first of all I want to say that I took the chords from the other tab that is 
on the site, but I made a few changes using some videos of Elliott performing the 
song live. 

"weird" chords:

C#m6: x42350
D: x54030
D#6 (just play this once quick between D and Em): x6x5xxx
Em: x97000
C/G: 332010
Fmaj7: x33210
Em*: 022000
D/F#: 2x0230

Note: On the Am    /G thing Elliott puts his pinky on the 6th string 3rd fret for 
a second and then he goes back to the regular Am

C              C#m6           D   D#6  Em
You'll make the scene like you always do
C       C#m6              D   D#6  Em
Going up stream, down the avenue
C            C#m6                    D         D#6      Em
To fuck some trophy boy that you'll win tonight at the bar
C/G   G       Am
So  bad,  so far
            Fmaj7        C
You make him sad shooting star

When it was me I was momentarily proud
Drunk of dreams now I'm glad I didn't say out loud
You said you'd be for real but I don't believe that you are
C/G   G      Am
So  bad,  so far
            Fmaj7        Am  Em*
You make me sad shooting star

Dm              G          C       /B  Am
You're distant and cold and a sight to behold
Am   /G        F
Everybody just sighs
Dm          G       C   /B   Am
But no one gets on with you very long
Am                /G           D/F#  F
Cos you don't feel bad when you lie

I'm going to sleep now going back to find square one
Square two be where I can deal with the shit you've just done
It won't be soon, say the least it's gonna be hard
C/G   G      Am
So  bad,  so far
            Fmaj7        Am  
Your love is sad shooting star
            Fmaj7        C  
Your love is sad shooting star
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