Elliott Smith - True Love chords

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true love by elliott smith

standard tuning

A*    x02225 Amaj7 x02224
Asus4 x0223x A6    x02222
A     x0222x C     x35553
GM7   x20032 F     133211
E     022100 F#m   xx4225
Bm    x24432 Dm    xx0321
Bb    x13331 E11b9 020201
Fmaj7 xx3210 F#    x44322
Am    x02210

  riff2 over Bm


   A*    Amaj7 Asus4 A6    A     C      GM7    F    E   riff1

F#m            Amaj7       Bm
True love is a rose behind glass
     riff2           F#
It's locked and kept closed
              A                         /B C
Maybe just to me 'cause my heart's been attacked
GM7          F           E        riff1
Shattered by tough love, bad love
F#m                    Amaj7       
so bought mine off the street
     Bm            riff2         F#
true love, man, it just can't be beat
             A              /B C        GM7    F     E
I felt so complete, married to heavenly bodies above

         Fmaj7                Am          E11b9  E riff1
And each night I look up at a bright honeymoon

          F#m                  Amaj7
'cause it sure seemed built to last
         Bm       riff2     F#          A
and even after my honeymoon past I kept right with that, man,
    /B C            GM7           F       E riff1
Like a ghost to the house it once haunted
F#m           Amaj7
And day after day
    Bm            riff2      F#
I'd steal with my true love away
        A                 /B C
To some hideout we left undisturbed
         GM7        F      E
we could do what we wanted

      Fmaj7                  Am             E11b9     E riff1
But I started to feel like a liar saying "I love you"

        Dm                     C                      Bb
She was madly in love, and mad mean there was no in-between
             E   riff1
It raised my alarm
  Dm                   C                   Bb
I found I can't make a stand i'm her hired hand
             E   riff1
I have to do harm

F#m           Amaj7     Bm          riff2     F#
One day I got sick, she played me a nasty old trick
A                     /B
Said, "I need cigarettes"
C                 GM7          F     E riff1
Walked around the block caught a cab
F#m                 Amaj7 
Stayed gone for too long
   Bm       riff2      F#
My love had gotten too strong
        A                      /B C
Just to try to getting back on my own
         GM7   F    E riff
I had to go to rehab

Dm    C                       Bb
All I need is a safe place to bleed
                   E   riff1
Is this where it's at?
Dm         C                 
Half of no chance, steps in a dance
Bb                      E   
rest of my live spin in combat

riff1       A*             Amaj7
Now I'm the    king of the ward
           Asus4                 A6
'cause I'm good and I swallow my sword
A                         /B C       GM7    F        E riff1   
Puke it up for the doctor to write a new prescription
F#m           Amaj7
tranquil as a dove
Bm               riff2           F#
people that have lost their true love
     A        /B C       GM7    F         E
that all seem to fit the same description

       Fmaj7             Am
I feel cold, useless and old
           E11b9  E riff1
Wish I was no one

A* Amaj7 A* Amaj7

A*      Amaj7  A   Amaj7
Take me up, my love
A*      Amaj7  A   Amaj7
Take me up   today
A*      Amaj7       A    Amaj7
Take me out of this place
A*      Amaj7         A   Amaj7
Take me up with you today

original tab by Ian
new arrangement and additions by alexander rex
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