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Elliott Smith - Dancing On The Highway chords

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This is the tab of the studio version of this song. The basics are all here just 
some minor articulation improvements for the C# at the end of the verse and the G# 
to G at the end of the chorus may be required. Enjoy :)


C/G  : (332010)
Am   : (x02210)
B7   : (x21203)
F    : (133211)
Dm   : (x57765)
C#   : (x46664)
Em   : (022000)
G    : (355433)
G#   : (466544)


C/G           Am
here if you want me
B7                F                     Dm  C#
listening so close from far away
     C/G                        Am
memorizing what you told me
B7                F             Dm  C#
like a foreigner on holiday
               C/G            Am
I know to smile at confusion
B7                     F                            Dm  C#
don't forget the soul that smiles on me
C/G             Am
dancing on the highway
B7                            F                          Dm  C#
the broken line that led from you to me


           Em           F              G
well i'll be at my station all night
                   Dm                G#  G
so come on by, if you feel like


      C/G            Am
still here if you want me
B7                        F                     Dm  C#
look at what i can do with empty time
       C/G                     Am
lost love that likes to haunt me
     B7                         F                       Dm  C#
itís waiting around to meet me when I die
          C/G                               Am
Death surrounds, protects the living
B7                      F              Dm  C#
this is what you said and I agreed
          C/G             Am
Not to be  so unforgiving 
B7                          F                             Dm  C#
just because your soulís done time and free


                   Em             F                  G
Because Iím here if you want me my love
      Dm                    G#  G
dancing on the highway


(Verse chords x4)


              Em           F            G
but your sun still burns my eye
     Dm        G#  G      
oh why, oh why
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