Ellis Paul - Annalee chords

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By Ellis Paul

          C                                 G
Im skippin stones at the edge of the dock
    Am                               F
A fog came rollin in, quiet like a hawk
         C                                            G
The rivers so smooth, it could shatter with a rock
     Am                                C     F
It felt like I was walking on water

Then the doctors daughter came and dove right in
Lord almighty, shes in nothing but skin
I could turn my head but she may never come again
Shes filling the sky with her laughter

          C              G
Annalee, Annalee
               Am                                          F
Youre shaking the timbers youre rattling the leaves
                  C                               G
Theres a full moon rising in front of me
                     Am                         C             F
Come and stake your claim on my memory
Annalee, Annalee
Did the good Lord send you down to deliver me
Come lay your head in a bed of leaves
I am here, I am yours for the taking

Well around about midnight on a riverboat ride
Im a mandolin jukebox and Annies at my side
One bottle empty, one waiting like a bride
Shes dancing like light on the water

Weve got six weeks till college, six weeks and then were gone
Oh, life is like a river and the rivers rolling on
So come on, Annie, you taste like brandy
Will you kiss me awake come morning?


C	                  Am
I cant promise a lifetime of tomorrows

F                                                        G
What tomorrow brings God only knows
               C	                                 Am
I know this about tomorrow, were filling it with sorrow
      F                            G
If we let tonight just end

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