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Ellis Paul - The Art Of Distance chords

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Capo on 1st

C: 032010
C/Bb: 022010 
Csus2: 030010
Csus4: 033010
F: X33210
G: 320033
Am: X02210

You get the call on the message machine.
Its 2 AM
   Csus2  C  Csus4  C       Csus2
It better be im  -  por  -  tant. 

Her powers out, its a sleep-walk cross town. 
Rains coming down, 
She's got candlelight and blankets. 

   Am                  C
Is this an act between friends?
Am       C        F              G
One step forward, two steps back again. 

C      C/Bb     F      G
If you knew the art of distance, 
Would you lay in your bed
          F          C      G
Or take a cab across to  -  wn? 

C             C/Bb
You crave her skin, well, 
F             G
You crave its resistance. 
         Am             C
When you wake up in the morning
                    F      G
And shes asking for ti  -  me, 
You give in. 
Am                          F
Shes the queen of light and candles. 
         Am                    F
You give in, you always were a sucker
For a scandal. 

You ring her bell, 
She buzzes you in. 
Brush off the rain, 
You give her the umbrella
When she comes to you, 
Wrapped in her sheets. 
Is she beautiful?
How you gonna tell her?
When the touch begins, 
You cradle her face. 
Is this the betrayal of a friend? 
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