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Ellis Paul - Marias Beautiful Mess chords

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I've wanted to play this song for years! Ellis does some funky tuning and an 
combination between finger-picking and strumming. 

I'm not 100% sure about this, but it sounds pretty close. Feel free to use if 
you're like me and just want to play and sing this awesome song.

Capo 1st Fret

Em      Fmaj7      C9   X4

C     G      Am       Em       Fmaj7      C      G      Fmaj7

She fell to the mattress
With the grace of an actress
             Am                           Em       Fmaj7
You're falling like a thief from a roof.
          C                            G
She's asking for proof , "are you staying? "
Outside you hear mission bells.

         C      G                Am
Welcome to maria's beautiful mess
    Em             Fmaj7             C
In a cluttered apartment on the west side.
She pulls the blinds while,
You watch how her dress falls round her .

   Am                    C9
And the world slows, a clock shows
 G                      Dsus
A wrinkle in the flow of time
   Am                        C9
And she steps close, her eyes glow,
      G                      Dsus
Lips pop open like a bottle of wine

And she loves like it's thirst
Like she's never been hurt,
          G                                   Dsus
She dances just like nobody's watching.
Am                              C9
Is this love? is this cursed?
It feels like the first time falling
Nobody's watching, 
                   Am           C9
nobody's watching,

            G                    Dsus
Nobody's watching,    

Woooo hooooooo hoooooooooo
Woooo hooooooo hoooooooooo
Wooooo hooooooooo   eeeeeeeeee
Heeeeeeeeeeee  heeeeeeee

Em       Fmaj7        C9   X2

Now she puts on some music,
She asks you to choose it
           Am                Em             Fmaj7
You sang her back a gershwin line.
                                C                     G
Now ella is singing holy, soulfully
Bringing up better times

And beneath the tunes,
    G                           Am
She's smiling on an unmade bed
                Em                   Fmaj7              C
She says, "what's in the middle that scares you,
Does it dare you
To take a moment and just slow down? "


Pull the curtains all down
On the prince or a clown,
She's smiling like the mona lisa.
You could conquer this town.
If your feet touched the ground,
But you're falling boy
I know, I see you
I see you, I see, I see,
I see you

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