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Ello - Benci Tapi Rindu chords

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I'm a first-timer this is my first tab...dont know if this is even 50% right
but honestly to me those chords suit the melody of the song..cause the chords of this
song sounds pretty weird at other websites so i decided to make things right and clear 
for me and you and may do some corrections to it....anyway enjoy..!

Bukan hanya sekadar penghibur
   D          A
Diriku ini, sayang
Bukan pula sekadar pelepas
  D           A
Rindumu, oh sayang
   E                     A
Sakit hatiku kau buat begitu

Kau datang dan pergi sesuka hatimu
Ohh...kejamnya dikau
Teganya dikau padaku
Kau pergi dan datang sesuka hatimu
Ohh...sakitnya hati
Bencinya hati padamu

Bm (or) D          --(whichever sounds right to you)
Sakitnya hati ini
Namun aku rindu..
Bm (or) D       --(whichever sounds right to you)
Bencinya hati ini
Tapi aku rindu...
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