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Eloy - Imprisonment tab

Eloy - 1975 Power & Passion

    Bm                 A     Bm
I'm sitting here in my empty cell,
     Bm        D       Bm
it's dark and drab and damp.
     G                  F#m    Em
They throw me crusts to eat  
Em                   Bm
Drink water from the well.
      Bm                      A        Bm
I was playing my part in this dreadful war
     Bm      D      Bm  
when someone ran me through:
     D              Em  
They bound me up in chains,
    D                 Bm     A
and that's the last I knew.

    A                   Bm           
The guards are watching day and night
G          F#m               E
and they observe each move I make
G        F#m               Bm
I wonder if they'll let me out alive -
G              A           Bm
I know there's no way to escape

  A                     Bm     
I know the feeling of dejection:
G       F#m             Bm     G
To be imprisoned for no crime
G  F#m                Bm
So God please take me out of here
G          A                Bm
You are my one hope at this time.

E                    F#m
Why are those people shouting?
E                     F#m
Is the battle lost or won?
A       G#m              C#m
Now the footsteps of the guards -
        G#m       F#m       E    F#m
will my chains be tightened or undone?

All By :  MeisaM  AhwAz 
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