Elton John - Gotta Get A Meal Ticket chords

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Artist: Elton John
Song: (Gotta Get A) Meal Ticket
Release Date: 1975


[Verse 1]:

I can hound you, if I need too. Sip your brandy from a crystal shoe in the 
G      F       D       Em                               Bm
corner. In the corner. While the others climb, reaching dizzy heights, the 
G                        Bb         C             D              F       D
world's in front of me in black and white. I'm on the bottom line, I'm on the 
bottom line.

[Verse 2]: (same progression as before.)

I'd have a cardiac, if I had such luck. Lucky losers, lucky losers landing on skid 
row. Landing on skid row. While the Diamond Jims, and the Kings road pimps, 
breathe heavy in their brand new clothes. I'm on the bottom line, I'm on the 
bottom line. 


Gm                F           Gm                     F           Gm
And I gotta get a meal ticket. To survive you need a meal ticket, to stay 
  A              D            Gm                     F
alive you need a meal ticket. Feel no pain, no pain. No regret, no regret. 
Gm                                  F             Gm
When the line's been signed, you're someone else. Do yourself a favor, the 
A                        D
meal ticket does the rest. 

[Verse 3]:

Shake a hand, if you have too. Trust in us, and we will love you anyway. Anyway. 
Don't leave us stranded in the jungle, with fifty per cent, that's hard to handle 
ain't that so. Ain't that so.

[repeat chorus]
[repeat intro.]


[repeat chorus]
[repeat intro. until fade]
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