Elton John - Sweat It Out chords

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No ceiling on hard living
Peace keepers keep on breathing
Can't deny eye for eye
It's open season
Dictate to my reason
She devils ruling Britain
Hey girl stick it in your purse
Call it treason
Band aids on dead doorways
No heroes in the Bat Cave
Don't give me Tears For Fears
Give me tears of rage
Fires burn with black smoke
Oil slicks put us on the ropes
Man it's hard to handle
When the bank's broke
Dm7    E+     E    Fsus4    F    B7    E7
Dm7          Am                  G
Don't kow-tow, don't bow down
              C             F      C        F  C
Loosen up, get the lead out
Dm7       Am
Backs up let them shout
G            C
Backs up sweat it out
                F        C      F             C
When your back's up, sweat it out
F        C    Dm7  E7  Am        
Backs up, sweat it out
Hope froze in the cold weather
No ice on a greasy river
Liberty and John Doe
Stand and Shiver
War waits when the lines form
The baby sitter in a uniform
Knocking down your door
For your rice and corn
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