Elton John - Talking Old Soldiers chords

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Artist: Elton John
Song: Talking old soldiers
Tabbed by: DJ
28th July 2013

Tuning: Standard
CAPO: 3rd fret (Sounds in key of Cm)

Chord shapes are relative to capo position:
Am    = x02210    F     = 133211
Am7/G = 302010    D7/F# = 200212
Fmaj7 = 133210    E     = 022100
E7aug = 020110    Am7   = x02213
E7    = 020100    D7    = xx0212
D/F#  = 20023x

   Am            Am7/G         Fmaj7           E7aug   E7
|  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  |  /  /   /  /  |

Am                                     E7
   "Why, hello! Say, ...can I buy you...  another glass of beer?"
Am                                         E7
   "Well, thanks a lot, that's kind of you!  It's nice to know you care!
F                    E7aug     E7       Am     Am7/G
   These days there's so much...  going on-----------,
F         E7aug E7        Am    Am7/G
   No one seems to wanna know,
F           E7aug   E7         Am   Am7/G    D/F#
   I may be just...     an old sol - dier to some...
       F                               E     E7
But I know... how it feels... to grow old!"

Am                                      E7
   "Yeah, that's right! You can see me here most every night,
Am                                   E7
   You always see me staring at the walls, and at the lights!
F                   E7aug     E7            Am            Am7/G
   Funny, ...I re - member,       oh, it's years ago, I'd say,
F                    E7aug  E7            Am                     Am7/G
   I'd stand at that bar...    with my friends, who've passed a - way,
F                  E7aug      E7      Am     Am7/G     D7/F#
   And drink three times the beer that I can drink to - day,
        F                               E     E7
Yes, I know... how it feels... to grow old!"

Am                                  Am7/G
   "I know what they're saying, son!     'There goes Old Mad Joe again!'
      Well, I may be mad at that!
I've seen enough...  to make a man go out of his brains!
Am                                                        E7
    Well, do they know what it's like to have a graveyard as a friend?
        Am7              D7
'Cause that's where they are, boy, all of them!
Fmaj7                                             E    E7
Don't seem likely I'll get friends like that a - gain!"

Am                                              E7
   "Well, it's time I moved off, but it's been great just listening to you,
Am                                 E7
    And I might even see you next time I'm passing through,
F                       E7aug      E7  Am    Am7/G
   You're right, there's so much going on----------,
F         E7aug  E7          Am    Am7/G
   No one seems  to want to know---------,
F                     E7aug       E7                   Am   Am7/G   D7/F#
   So keep well, keep well, old friend, and have a - nother drink on me,
           F                   E7aug                          Am   Am7/G
Just ig - nore all the others,        you've got your memo - ries-------,
                              Fmaj7  E7aug  E7   Am
You've got your memories!"  |  /  /   /    /  |   /  ||

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