Elvis Costello - The Other Side Of Summer chords

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By Paul Tibbetts (ptibbett@ici.net) and Mike Hernandez (LPSTD@aol.com)

G     (320003)
Em    (022000)
Am    (x02210)
C     (x32010)
Cm    (x35543)
D     (xx0232)
F     (133211)
Cm/Eb (x6554x)
Dm    (xx0231)
Bb    (x13331)
A7    (x02020)

(anything listed in parentheses is played as single notes)

Bass Intro:

4/4                3/4
  , . , . , . , .   , . , . , .


The sun struggles up another beautiful day
           Em         Am
And I felt glad in my own suspicious way
G           C           G           Cm
Yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah)
G                 Em             Am
Despite the contradiction and confusion
     D              C
Felt tragic without reason
There's malice and there's magic in every season

G                F               Em        Cm/Eb
>From the foaming breakers of the poisonous surf
    G     Em      Am D
The other side of Summer
G              F              Em       Cm/Eb
To the burning forests in the hills of Astroturf
    G     D       Am G
The other side of Summer

G D Am G

              Dm                         Bb               A7
The automatic gates close up between the shanties and the palace
    Dm                        Bb     A7
The blowtorch amusements, the voodoo chalice
    Dm                          Bb        A7
The pale pathetic promises that everybody swallows
  Dm              A7              Dm             (B C  B    A  D)   D
A teenage girl is crying 'cos she don't look like a million dollars
  (B    C   B  A   D)  D
So help her if you can
(B   C   B     A    D) D
'Cos she don't seem to have the attention span


                Dm             Bb         A7
Was it a millionaire who said "imagine no possessions"?
  Dm                              Bb               A7
A poor little schoolboy who said "we don't need no lessons"?
    Dm                  Bb               A7
The rabid rebel dogs ransack the shampoo shop
    Dm              A7       Dm
The pop princess is downtown shooting up
(B  C  B    A  D)  D
And if that goddess
(B C   B   A  D)  D
is fit for burning
(B  C   B    A    D)  D
The sun will struggle up the world will still keep turning

Madman standing by the side of the road saying
                  Em               Am
"Look at my eyes, look at my eyes, look at my eyes, look at my eyes"
G           C           G           Cm
Yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah)
G               Em           Am                 D               C
Now you can't afford to fake all the drugs your parents used to take
Because of their mistakes you'd better be wide awake


    G         F
The mightiest rose
    Em         Cm/Eb
The absence of perfume
    G      Em
The casual killers
    Am       D
The military curfew
    G         F
The cardboard city
       Em       Cm/Eb
And an unwanted birthday
    G     Em      Am G
The other side of summer
    G           F                 Em        Cm/Eb
The dancing was desperate and the music was worse
     G         Em         Am         D
They bury your dreams and dig up the worthless
    G          F
Goodnight, God bless
          Em              Cm/Eb
And kiss "goodbye" to the earth
    G     Em      Am G
The other side of summer

(repeat last line)
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