Elvis Perkins - Emiles Vietnam In The Skey tab

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Between the G and C, he walks up on the A string;

G walk up to C

     C           D          G
Jean Cocteau is covered in butter
    C             D               G
The ghosts of cappuccino and zaza hover
       C                  D             Em
In the hallway where the devil and his lover
 C           D             G
Beg you for change on the slide
         C             D            Em
There's nothing really like a French blues
  C              D              G
Blown by the unknown soldier in you
   C          D               Em
To all your regrets and your rouse
 C            D                 G
I'll meet you down there when I try

                  C              D           G
But do you ever wonder where you go when you die?
 C          D          G
Emile's Vietnam in the sky

And so on.
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