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Elvis Presley - Way Down tab

Way Down
|C	|C	|C	|C	|C	|C	||

|C  				 |C
Babe, you're getting closer
    |C			 |C
The lights are goin' dim
    |C            |C
The sound of your breathin'
    |C                |C
Has made the mood I'm in
|F7		   |F7     Bb
All of my resistance
   |F7          |F7     Bb
Is lying on the floor
|C           |C
Taking me to places
|G              |C        Dm|C
I've never been before

Pre Chorus
Ooh, and I can feel it,
|G7	    |G7	   |G7
Feel it, feel it, feel it

   |G7					|G7
(Way down) Way down where the music plays
     |C				  |C7
(Way down) Way down like a tidal wave
    |G7					  |G7
(Way down) Way down where the fires blaze
	|F   C|C	  |F   C|C  |F	  Em Dm  C
Way do - wn,     do - wn, way, way on down
	|C      |C     ||
(Way on down)

Ooh, my head is spinnin'
You got me in your spell,
A hundred magic fingers
On a whirling carousel
The medicine within me
No doctor could prescribe
Your love is doing something
That I just can't describe

Pre Chorus
|C	|C	|C	|C	||

|C		    |C
Hold me again, Tight as you can
|C		    |C
I need you so, Baby, let's go

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