Elvis Presley - Milk Cow Blues Boogie chords

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Milkcow Blues Boogie:Elvis Presley.
Recorded at Sun Records in 1954.

Well, I woke up this morning and I looked out the door.

I can tell that that old milk cow..I can tell the way 

she lowed.
                D                                    A
Well, if you've seen my milk cow..please ride her on home.
        E                      D                     A   E
I ain't had no milk or butter, since that cow's been gone.

Well, I tried to treat you right..day by day.

Get out your little prayer book, get down on your knees 

and pray.
For you're gonna neeeeed..you're gonna need your loving 
daddy's help someday.
                  E               D                    A  E
Well, then you're gonna be sorry..for treating me this way.

E     A
Well, believe me, don't that sun look good going down?
      D                                          A
Well, believe me, don't that sun look good going down?
Well, don't that old moon look lonesome?
D                    A      E
when your baby's not around.

Well, I tried everything to get along with you.

I'm gonna tell you what I'm going do.
I'm gonna quit my crying, I'm gonna leave you alone.
If you don't believe I'm leaving, you can count the days 
I'm gone.
I'm gonna leee...ave...you're gonna need your loving daddy's 
help someday.
             E               D                   A
Well, you're gonna be sorry..you treated me this way.(Fade.)

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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