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Elvis Presley - Thrill Of Your Love chords

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Thrill of Your Love 
(Words & music by Stanley Kesler)

I have wished for the wealth
     C           G
Of a great millionaire
                     A7            D7
I have reached for a bright star above
But the thrill of it all
   C           G
To me seems so small
                     D7             G    C G
When compared to the thrill of your love

I'd rather give everything
That I own in this world
        A7                 D7
Than to be all alone and unloved
       G                 C       G
For no earthly price and no sacrifice
Is too much to give
         G    C G
For your love

(Repeat chorus)

(This chord layout offered humbly by Oughtabuddha Pink, A.K.A. Miss Mary Sunshine.)
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