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Emarosa - Set It Off Like Napalm chords

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Standard Tuning
No Capo 
Strum Pattern: Down, down, up, up, down, up

Am                F                    C              Em
Out of place, put him down, he's all strung out
Am                         F                         C                
Don't hold your breath for too long, this moments fading out now
Our souls have caught on fire
Am                                        F
Well I don't really wanna walk that line
I don't really wanna cross that line
           Em                   Am
Lets make this now or never

        F                       C      Em
Fade it out, the storms that I love     
         Am                     F                        C                    Em
The heat is getting stronger and I plan to take advantage, 
No matter what they say
F                                           C       Em
The tide is slowly going out tonight

      Am                           F                  C
Oh god, please open your eyes, it's time to finalize
Em                              Am
Letís make this now or never
            F                       C  Em     Am
Set it off and let it burn
                     F                C                        Em
Take your form let it be the scariest, let it be most furious.

I am the boy that sets your girl on fire
F                                                C
And when she dances oh she knows it's right.
Well send them all to hell.
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