Emblem 3 - Teenage Kings tab

Teenage Kings by Emblem3
Tuning: Standard

Intro: (Also plays in the verse)



    C         G        Dm         F        
|-------| |-------| |-------| |-------| 
|---5---| |-------| |---6---| |-------| 
|---5---| |---4---| |---7---| |---2---|
|---5---| |---5---| |---7---| |---3---| 
|---3---| |---5---| |---5---| |---3---| 
|-------| |---3---| |-------| |---1---| 

C                      G
I take a puff of my cigarillo,
     Dm                     F
Then I say what up like, "Hello."
C                        G
Party hard, pedal to the metal.
  Dm                            F
A part of growing up is living like a rebel.
C                     G
No stoppin the girls from teeny-boppin.
Dm                     F
No tops, just rockin bikini bottoms.
C                   G
Backyard boxin, half pipe droppin,
     Dm                          F
The jocks and the nerds man everybody's rockin.
C        G             Dm         F
 And when we are all looking back
(One day when we're lookin back),
C                           G              Dm
 We'll think of this night so let's make it last.
F            C         F       G             F
Cause we're teenage kings pretending we're famous,
    C           F       G                F
And we won't leave til someone gets shameless,
        C                     F
It's a five-day fight til the saturday night
         G                      F
When the guys get hyped and the girls get low!
 C        F      G               F
Teenage kings pretending we're famous, yeah.

(Intro tab)

C                         G
 I take a sip of another Red Bull,
     Dm                             F
Everybody on the move lookin for someone to XO.
C                            G
Everything is good, and everything is cool,
  Dm                          F
Except for the fool who fell into the pool.
C                              G
 What up ladies, I'm glad that you could stop by,
Dm                  F
 Freshmen trippin out because you got high,
C                             G
And daisy dukes when you walk by, I swat thighs,
Dm                           F
 Let the good times roll and let the top fly!


C   F      G                F
 Nina with Josie, with Jack McColl!
C      F      G            F
 Jay's actin dumb runnin into walls.
C    F             G             F
 Someone's passed out with the candle.
      C                F          G       F
We're rollin, we're rollin, like teenage kings.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4N2pm6JSz7A (Teenage Kings)
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