Embrace - Spell It Out tab

Embrace - Spell It Out

tabbed by Chris Preston

This a top song of a top album. Listen to the CD and get that drum rhythm in your head 
you have a go at this.



C           Em              F                     G
Here's my list of all the things i should have said and done

C           Em                   F                G                     C
the boat's i missed and all the fights i lost i really should have won

    Em          F       G
im not the only one

C           Em                F                          G
I wont bow or take the world as you would hand it down

C                Em                    F          G                          C
So leave me out of all your plans, cos I don't need them now

    Em          F       G
Ill find my own way out

F                          G
When you're left with nothing

F                               C
There's nothing lefts to lose

F                G              F          C
Words will not come looking for me and you

F              G                F                C
Once we wanted nothing and everything was real

F                    G
It was all laid out just

F                C
For me and you now

C                            Em                  F                G                 C
Wave goodbye you know that I believe, if you spell it out for me

Em                     F                G
Spell it out so everyone can see

C                        Em               F      G                      C
All that really matters now to me, is I could set you free

Em                             F                      G
My hands are tied and I cant find my feet
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