Emery - Crumbling Acoustic chords

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Capo 1 in key of C mimics Emery's usual tuning.  Intro and Bridge may be off.

Intro: F (fingerpick)      Am  F  Bm7

Verse 1:
Am                                         C
I fell in love with the world, she gave me everything that I deserved
        Dm                    F                G
(I had) all that I wanted and more right in my hands
(but some things just never last)
Am                                       C
She ran away with the sun (I guess), the moon and the stars must have followed along
           Dm                        F             G
'Cause I'm here in the cold and the dark until she returns
(deny because the truth really hurts)

F                         Am                                     F
The universe is crumbling tonight, and I'm not sure if we can survive
F                                 Dm       E
You left me here with nothing at all, with my back against the wall

Verse 2: (same chords as verse 1)
The church and the priests they all gather around
They tie up my hands but they won't hear me out
No, I'm not the one, I'm not the one to blame (murder me just the same)
She hung her promises (I took the bait)
She sold us out (Just for fortune and fame)
No, she's not the one, she's not the one to save
(the fool that fell into her game)

Chorus 2:  same but end with

So is this what it takes to seperate the craving from the purpose
Measured by success and not the motives of the heart
And we are crushed beneath the weight of all the pressure
that is put on our shoulders but
            F                   C
We could be honest, confess our weakness
            D                 A    E             Am     C    F    E
Give up our innocence for the blame, we could be saved

Finish with chorus
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