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Emil Bulls - Worlds Apart Acoustic chords

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E                G#m
Now that we're worlds apart
  D#m                C#m
I feel like a lesser man
E            G#m
all balance outta control
         D#m              C#m
state of mind strange and vain
Good night sleep tight
I can't get a shut eye
E                          D#m
my spirit dissappears like breath on a mirror

E          G#m                      H
I need you more than you will ever know
       C#m                       E
you've come to mean the world to me
                     G#m                           D#m
I wonder if you're sleeping while I'm crying in my beer
we're worlds apart
I wish you were here

Same song different verse
I let you down again
all excuses useless
I'm the one to blame
a love's at stake
a life goes down the drain
for a temporary fix
some go far beyond the pale

I need you more...

  C#m             E          C#m            G#m
I shot poisoned frozen hung stabbed electrocuted
I burned my soul to the ground

I need you more...

I wish you were here
I wish you were here
  D#m                      E
I wish you were here, with me

I need you more...
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