Emily Haines - Eau De Toilette tab

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I haven't found a tab out there yet for this song, so i hope this one will do it 
It's very simple and the strumming is easy to figure out once you listen to it. Good luck.

   Am       G      Dm       E       A

Am                                  G           Dm  E
I know your ways, so when I tell you "don't get cra-zy"

        Am                                                   G
but the last wall standing's down, your daddy kicked it down.

                      Dm           E
Your little sister's gonna have a baby

Am                        G              Dm  E
I heard your planning to drive into the desert

hope you find the gypsy queen there

              G                 Dm  E
to make your body feel a little better

Am                                  G
I heard some talk around the table

                   Dm   E
heard someone say your name

They talk like you were a superstar

G                  Dm       E     Am
They know you for what you are

G                         Dm
Do you really think it's wise

to try to push the sun back down before it rises?

        Dm               E
I know you're used to winning

              Am                        G  Dm E
When are you going to choose the prizes?

Am                                       G
You must get tired of standing on the outside

             Dm  E                    Am
watching the show, tired of all the useless conversation

                      G                            Dm  E
You know how all the boys, they like their little ladies

Am                      G  Dm  E
silent, dead, dead quiet

       Am                                      G
Even though I know you don't believe in dreams

                    Dm         E
Don't even like to close your eyes

The other night there was a shot outside

You screamed in your sleep

                            A         G             Dm       E
You said "Help me I'm still breathing Jesus, please Jesus, isn't this


G                 Dm                           Am
It's been a long time you've been standing in line

just like they've taught you.

Dm               E                      Am
Waiting for the view, you'd learned in school

                     G  Dm  E
You were entitled to.
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