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Emily Mcquaid - Life Is Like A Mountain chords

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Hey guys, So I decided to submit the song I wrote in 
5th grade. Looking back on it it really isn't very good,
 but I though it was. Very simple chords. Dedicated to 
Lynda McQuaid, my grandma. 

(Verse one)
F                                              C
When it feels like there's no hope left in the world
For me
F                               G
I think of all the happy things in life
And then I remember
F             G
Just try to remember, that

Life is like a mountain
It has its ups and downs
And when I think I'm falling
F                                  C
You put my feet back on the ground, yeah

(Verse two)
And when I feel so lonely
I think I'm about to cry
Yeah I just start praying
And asking God why


F                                    C
Why do I have to live with all these sad, hard times
Why can't I just be happy
And live a normal life

(Chorus x2)
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