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Eminem - I Remember tab

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This song is a B-side (Sh*t on You) released
 on vinyl in 2000, so it is somewhat rare, but can be found on youtube. One of few 
songs (or rap in general) that has steady guitar chords.(in the style of Hailie's Song, 
this was written earlier)
(all verses follow same pattern, verse 1 & 2 sung, 3rd verse not included)
     Em                               D
There once was a man who liked to jump around (jump around)
     Em                          D
But he got too old to jump up and down (up and down)
(so then what happened?)
     Em                               D
So he put the mic down and picked the guitar up (picked the guitar up)
(and then he what?)
 Em                C                       D
Started singin the blues like there's no tomorrow (no tomorrow)(come on)
 Em                           D
Left his boys in the house of pain (the house of pain)
Em                                 D
It was the wisest decision he ever made (ever made)
 Em                                 D
But the dumbest thing he could ever do (could ever do)
Was try to buck a 380 on those that act shady
Tell me now what you gonna do (now what you gonna do)

Em                         D
Cause I remember all those years, How it was when you were here
Em                D
I remember how it was, how it was when you were young
C                     D
Yesterday was so long ago (long ago)
Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit came along now
D                                            Em
Don't nobody wanna hear your old ass sing no more

remember back when you had The Knack (had the knack)
And i remember when you had your first heart attack (heart attack)
I was right there laughin when I heard the news (heard the news)
I just wish the cardiac would'a murdered you (would'a murdered you)
Maybe Ice-T's right, you are a bitch (you are a bitch)
You come around when you're broke and you leave when you're rich (leave when you're rich)
But the dumbest thing that you could ever do (you could ever do)
Was try to buck a 380 on those that act shady
Tell me now what you gonna do (now what you gonna do)
Pretty simple Em song, just Em and D with the occasional C. Enjoy!  -EVsta
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