Eminem - Crack A Bottle tab

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feat.Dr Dre and 50 Cent
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: E

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
A -   x02220
G# -  466544
C#m - x46654

A     G#
  Ooww Ladies and gentlemen
  The moment youíve all 
been waiting for 
  In this corner
G#          C#m
  weighing 175 pounds
with a record of 17 rapes
G#     C#m
  400 assaults and 4 murders
    A               G#
the undisputed most diabolic
villain in the world
Slim Shady

Chorus : Eminem
  So crack a bottle
let your body waddle
Donít act like a snobby
model you just 
hit the lotto
  O-oh o-oh bitches
hopping in my Tahoe
Got one riding shotgun 
and no not one 
of them got gloves
  Now whereís the rubbers?
Whose got the rubbers?
I noticed thereís 
so many of them
and thereís really 

not that many of us

Ladies love us and my

posseís kicking up

dust Itís on till

the break of dawn

and weíre starting

this party from dusk

Ok Ö letís go

Verse 1: Eminem, do chords A-G#-C#m
Back when Andre the 
giant mister elephant tusk
Fix your must, youíll just
be another one bit the dust
Just one up my mothers son 
who got thrown under the bus
Kiss my butt. Lick from 
under cheese from under my nuts
It disgusts me to see the 
game the way that it looks
Its a must I redeem my
name n haters get mushed
Bitch3s lust. Man they love
me when I lay in the cut
Fist the cut. The lady give
her eighty some paper cut
Now picture us. Its ridiculous
you curse at the thought
Cuz when I spit the verse the shit
gets worse then worcestershire sauce
If I could fit the words as 
picture perfect works every time
Every verse, every line
as simple as nursery rhymes
Its elementary. The elephants
have entered the room
I venture to say with the 
center of attention its true
Not to mention back with a 
vengeance so hereís the signal
Of the bat symbol The platinum
trioís back on you hoes

(Repeat Chorus)

Ladies and 
gentlemen Dr. Dre

Verse 2: Dr Dre do chords A-G#-C#m
They see that low rider go
by there,like Oh my!
You ainít got to tell me why 
youíre sick cuz I know why
I dip through in that six 
trey like sick em Dre.
Iím an itch that they cant
scratch, theyíre sick of me.
But hey, what else 
can I say? I love LA.
Cuz over and above all
its just another day
And this one begins where 
the last one ends.
Pick up where we left off 
and get smashed again.
Iíll be dammed, just fucked
around and crashed my Benz.
Driving around with 
a smashed front end
Lets cash that one in.
Grab another one 
from out the stable
The Monte Carlo El
Camino or the El Dorado
The hell if I know
Do I want leather
 seats or vinyl?
Decisions, decision
Garage looks like 
precision collision.
Or maico beats 
quake like Waco
Just keep the bass low speakers
away from your face though

(Repeat Chorus)

And I take great pleasure
in introducing: 50 Cent

Verse 3: 50 Cent do chords A-G#-C#m
Itís bottle after bottle
The money ainít a thang 
when you party with me
Its what we into its simple
We ball out of control 
like you wouldnít believe
Iím the napalm the bomb
 the don iím King Kong
Get rolled on wrapped 
up and reigned on
Iím so calm through 
Vietnam ring the alarm
Bring the shaun dawn burn 
marajauan do what you want
Nigga on and on 
till the break of what
Get the paper man iím 
caking you know i
donít give a fuck
I spend it like 
it donít mean nothing
Blow it like its 
supposed to be blown
Motherfucker iím grown
I stunt i style i 
flash the sh-t
I gets what the fuck 
i want so what I trick
Fat ass burgundy bags classy
shit Jimmy Cho shoes
I say move a bitch move

(Repeat Chorus)
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