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Emmy The Great - Two Steps Forward tab

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------------------- EMMY THE GREAT - Two Steps Forward ----------------------
Tabbed from the Black Cab Session on youtube:

F G C Am C/B C C/B

F                             G
In the middle of September we entertained the thought
Am                              F
of falling into rabbit holes and never coming out
F                                     C
in the garden of a girl who's mum is friends with Elton John, so she kept 
telling us

but still
we slipped a year or so behind ourselves
the time's already gone,
     Am                             F
when people were just people not the jobs that they perform
    F                                 C
our songs were just a thing we did with melody's and chords
now you're available in all good record stores.


   G                       C              C/B                 Am
i knew you best back when love was just a feeling that ran out between my 
             F              G
legs onto the, back of my dress
onto the clothes that i was wearing
[ Tab from: ]
   F                        G
oh when i was a child i was expected to believe
Am                              F
in something up above that no one touches or can see
F                                               C
but now they tell me that unless you're looking out of magazines well then 
     G                                      C
you don't exist but i knew that that you were real before i read it
          G                    Am                              F
in an interview today before i used you as a surface - did a line across your face
       F                                C
in the toilet of a girl who's sitting outside dropping names like they were 
carpet bombs, she knows everyone
Dm    G                         C             C/B               Am           
but, i knew you first back when love was underneath you with my fingers in the dirt,
             F               G
you said "i'll stop if it hurts"
you said "i'll stop it if it's scary,"
       F                               G
you said "you know that i can stop this any time,
if you think that it is tearing"
   Am                          F
and i think of you when the leaves are brown,
        C                                     G
i think of leaves that i have felt against my body on the ground
        Am                          F                 
i think of places where we could go to now until they find us 'til they catch
 us, 'til they wake us and
                 F       G
we drown until I know where i am
         C     C/B       Am                                        F
i'm in a garden of remembering your fingers in my hand, were like a book made 
     G     C
of sand
and its the middle of September.
      G                                                           F
your image starts to fade into the one that they have printed on the 27th page
 F                                         C                       G
don't like to read these things you know i do it anyway i have no choice
have no choice i say
         C                        G                        Am
and i go out into the garden the birds begin to sing i am troubled by the 
thought of all the daylight they will bring
                               C                 G
i think that i will let somebody take me home again 
Cause if i..
knew you at all
         C            C/B              Am
that my love was underneath you making puddles on the floor
         C                G
and that i sleep to the thought of
      C          C/B                Am
Some garden in september where I've never been before
          C      G
It's slipping, out of the door
    C              G                 C              Am   C/B     C  C/B
two people walking two steps forward always to the lives they've chosen 
 C                G               C
clicks and hums and sirens and the sun
      C               G                 C              Am   C/B    C C/B
of two people walking two steps forward always to the lives they've chosen,
 C                  G             C
clicks and hums and sirens and the sun
 C                    G                  C              E
of two people walking two steps forward always to the lives we've chosen 
 C                   G            C
clicks and hums and silence and the sun

C/B =  e|---0---|
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