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Enemies Of Realism - Invisible Love tab

Invisible Love
eNeMIeS oF rEaLisM

V1	I fell for something I could never see
This aint how things were meant to be
This one time that I lost it with you
Hope you know I still love you too

V2	I feel like I?m falling away from life
I?m hangin? on by the edge of a knife
It hurt?s me to see you cry
When all I ever wanna do is die

Ch	But hey now what went wrong?
This aint how we planned it to be
And hey now let?s make things right
Coz now I think I can see

V3	I fell for you before I could really see
Exactly what u meant to me
I hope it?s not to late to say I love you
I hope you still love me to

Ch	Hey now what went wrong?
This aint how we planned it to be
And hey now things will be all right
Coz now I know what you mean to me
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Repeat each line until chorus

Repeat each line of chorus, and then change back to verses. Simple!!!
By Peach. Hope you like it!!!
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