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Ennio Morricone - Un Ami chords

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Un Ami ("A Friend") by Ennio Morricone

(The chord in the introduction is just a D and the guitar's playing Ds, F#s, and Gs)

G                 D/F#m         Em            Bm
Si le ciel entend ma prière, mes amis ce soir je chante

          Am           Am/G     Bm
pour tous ceux qui n'ont rien, rien sur la terre, 

        D/F#m          Em         D                       C
pas d'amis pour les attendre, les comprendre chaque jour

leur redonner un peu d'amour.

G                 D/F#m             Em                      Bm
Le bien et le mal se ressemblent et les hommes s'y laissent prendre.

      Am                           Am/G                D/F#m   Em
Je ne sais plus que faire et il me semble que l'enfer est sur la terre,

    Em         D       C       D      G
les amis qui m'entourent, des amis d'un jour.

G-F#-D (bass: D)
G-F#-D (bass: D)
G-F#-D (bass: E)
G-F#-D (bass: E)
A-G-D  (bass: F#)
A-G-D  (bass: F#)
A-G-D  (bass: G)
A-G-D  (bass: G)
B-A-D  (bass: A)
B-A-D  (bass: A)
C-B-A  (bass: C)
C-B-A  (bass: C)

G                 D/F#m               Em                      Bm
Le bien et le mal se ressemblent mais les hommes s'y laissent prendre

    Am                     Am/G                      Bm
Un ami reste toujours un ami quand la vie n'a plus d'amour

Em  D           C          D                    G
Depuis toujours ma prière     c'est d'avoir sur terre

   Em      D          C    D             G
au dernier soir de ma vie,    la main d'un ami

      Em  D          C     D                 G
pour dire adieu à la vie,	     les yeux d'un ami.

If the sky hears my prayer my friends, this evening I sing
for all those who have nothing, nothing in the world,
no friends to wait for them, understand every day,
give them a little love.
The good and the bad are similar and people are deceived.
I don’t know what to do and it seems like hell on earth,
the friends about me, these are friends for a day.

The good and the bad are similar, but people are deceived, 
A friend remains always a friend [even] when life has no more love.
It has always been my prayer, that on earth,
on the last evening of my life, to hold a friend’s hand,
to say goodby to life, to look into the eyes of a friend.
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