Enrique Iglesias - Free chords

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      SONG: Free By Enrique Iglesias

      ACCURATE GUITAR CHORDS BY: Prayag Dekaraja

      It is a very nice song with some easy chords.

      INTRO: G C D

      VERSE 1:
               G                       D
      When I moan, when you`re gone,I come
               G                   D
      I wanna jump,when you wanna jump
               G                        D
      I wanna touch,where it makes you mine
               G                   D
      I wanna push `til I get it right

              G                            D
      Cos i`m free,free to do the dirty things you like
             G                             D
      I`m free,free not to do what`s on my mind
             G               C      D
      When you go down and freak on me
                       G   C   D
      That`s when i`m free,
                       G   C   D
      that`s when i`m free

      VERSE 2:
               G                      D
      I wanna fall,so you can pick me up
               G               D
      I wanna scream until it hurts
               G                     D 
      When you think that I can`t come up
               G                  C           D
      I`m gonna lay down and show you what`s right.

      Repeat the Chorus again.

              G                                       D
      I know what you`re thinking,that you can`t be mine
              G                                       D
      You`re knackered, you wanna come and you can`t lie
              G                             D
      Let me read your mind,so I can come inside
              D                                          C  D  C  D  G  D
      See what I see,I want just one more time,cos i`m free.


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