Enter The Haggis - The Apothecary chords

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Enter the Haggis - The Apothecary
    Tabbed by Owen Tosh


       C   Cadd9   A   Asus  Asus7  D2   D2/C  D2/B  D2/Bb  Bb2
  e ---0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----1---|
  B ---1-----3-----2-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----1---|
  G ---0-----0-----2-----2-----0-----2-----2-----2-----2-----3---|
  D ---2-----2-----2-----2-----2-----0-----0-----0-----0-----3---|
  A ---3-----3-----0-----0-----0-----0-----3-----2-----1-----1---|
  E ---0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----X-----X-----X-----X-----1---|

Cadd9      D2          Cadd9      D2
Under the curtains the exit sign glows
Cadd9      D2          Asus7
Go now and no one will know
Cadd9       D2      Cadd9       D2
If you try later it may be too late
 D2            D2/C
Don't read the lines and get
D2/B        D2/Bb         Asus
Lost in the light on the stage

	     Bb2     Am7     Cadd9   D2
	Two lovers standing hand in hand
	 Bb2  Am7      D2
	Powerless to choose
	    Bb2     Am7     Cadd9       D2
	The I's are dotted, stars are crossed
	 Bb2 Am7            D2
	Alone  against the muse

   Cadd9       D2        Cadd9            D2
It may look enticing but don't walk that line
Cadd9             D2          Asus7
That's what they want you to try
Cadd9       D2        Cadd9         D2
If you go chasing her spark in the night
 D2           D2/C
Don't call my name when they're
 D2/B        D2/Bb         Asus
Laughing and you're in the fire

Isn't there anything that we can do
For a friend? (aren't you listening?)
Choking on pride, unable to think
With his head (can't you hear us?)
We see the big picture, we know the way
This will end (oh well I guess)
      D2          Cadd9       D2
That sometimes we have to let go
                D2          Cadd9     D2
And there's but one way for water to flow
         D2          Cadd9      D2
So just sit back and enjoy the show

    Cadd9       D2      Cadd9             D2
The ashes have settled, pawns have been played
Cadd9          D2         Asus7
What was your part in the game?
    Cadd9         D2        Cadd9          D2
The house now is silent but what was your lot?
 D2          D2/C
Did you rise up with
    D2/B       D2/Bb         Asus  A
The curtain or fall for the plot?
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