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Enter The Haggis - Down With The Ship tab

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a simple version of the song, but good enough to strum along with the cd

A			     G		A
Like ships in a squall we rise and we fall
           D				 A
We're plotting our course through the waves
A			    G	     A
Some masts are tall with sails so strong
D			   A
Others are tossed in the gale
A			  G 	       A
We try to stay dry with salt in our eyes
D		            A
No moment to rest or complain
A		         G		       A
The moon isn't far a clear sky and stars
D			    A     
Red sky at morn on your tail
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G		   D		G	    A
I'm not going to stand on the end of the pier
G		   D	       A
I'm not going to let you go down with the ship
G		D	   G	          A
Raise up your anchor it's time to set sail
G		           D	   	     A
And I'm not going to let you go               	down

A			          G	         A
Like ships we were made to dance o'er our graves
D				     A
One false move and we could be thrown
A	            G	         A
Buried alive before our due time
D	        	 A
To rest at sixty below
A				  G	    A
So jibe while you can if there's danger ahead
D			        A
Stay on your course if you will
A			G		A
I'll throw you a line as waves start to rise
D			      A
Bail as your ship starts to fill
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