Enzu - Wala Pa tab

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   D           B
nobody knows, coz nobody cares 
     G          A 
the way i act, the way i play the game
  D                   B
coz im all alone, and i wanna come back home
  G            A
please, save me from death.  

   D          B 
emptiness kill me softly
    G                 A  
how dare you to do this to me
   D                  B-G-A 
your my friend but you left me,  

 G  F#     A     
But i cant blame you,       
  G   F#     A      B  
coz i dont wanna blame you 

 D                B
Coz i love....... you.........
 G                 A
and i need........ you........
i know someday your coming back for me.. (2X)

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