Eraserheads - Hard To Believe chords

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 Hard to Believe by: Eraserheads
 Intro: C-Bb-Am-F-Bb-

 C          C/B 
 I find it hard to believe
 Bb            A
 That all the pain we are
           C               G
 Have some meaning in this world
 C        C/B
 It's so hard to believe
 Bb         A   
 When everything you see is 
 From the things that you've
    been told.


 I wanted life to be this way

 Just a little bit of love could mean
    so much

 Oh please don't take it all the away
 But with you heaven is still
    so close to touch.

 (Do 1st stanza chords)
 I find it's hard to believe
 That someone up there is waiting 
 With arms open wide and smiling
 It's so hard to believe
 When someone told me that
    your suffering
 Is what you get from living.
 (Repeat Chorus)

 Because you're love is still the
    only thing that
      Dm               F (hold)
 That matters in this world
            C      G    C Am G
 The only thing i can believe.

 Ad Lib: (Do stanza chords)
 It's so hard to believe
 It's so hard to believe

 (Repeat Chorus)
 (Repeat Bridge except last 
       C  F
 ... believe
           C      G        C F
 The only thing I can believe
           C      G
 The only thing I can...

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