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Eraserheads - Fabulous Baker Boy tab

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The Fabulous Baker Boy
1996 BMG Records
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Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Eb -    x68876
Gm -    355333
Ab -    466544
C# -    x46664
D -     xx0232
B -     x24442
Bb -    x13331
Fm -    133111
Abm -   466444
Am -    x02210
Cm -    x35543
Cm/B -  x25543
Cm/Bb - 6x554x
Cm/A -  5x554x

Eb     Gm     Ab    C# D
Baker, Baker, Baker Boy
Eb     Gm    Ab     C(hold)
Bake a girl, Bake a boy

Interlude: (Drumbeat)

They come to me for doughnuts and blueberry pie
They love my creme merengue and my fresh-baked rye

Eb                     C#
  Have a taste, have a taste
Help yourself feel free
It's just you and me
       Bb       Eb
In the fabulous bakery (yeah yeah yeah)

Try my maja blanca and my leche flan
I never use brown sugar or milk from a can

Cm               Cm/B           Cm/Bb                 Cm/A
  Last Christmas papa died in a freak baking accident how I cried
Ab                 Am                Bb                 Cm          Bb
Too much flour and too much yeast, A costly mistake for the perfect fruitcake


    Fm Gm Abm  Am Bbm Eb
The fa-bu-lous ba-ker boy, that's me Yeah that's me!

Ad lib:
Eb-- Eb-Gm-Ab-C#-D- (x2)

(Repeat Chorus)

"Good morning, Mr. Baker Boy! Good morning to you, Sir Wlcome to the bakery..."

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