Eraserheads - Christmas Ball tab

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Christmas Ball
1996 BMG Records
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Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
E -   022100
A -   x02220
G -   320033
F -   133211
D -   xx0232
C -   x32010
Eb -  x68886
F# -  244322

Intro: E--

A           G             F G A
  Everybody gather around celebrate
A               G              F            G         A
 We will have a feast in town, preparations must take place

Interlude: F-D-F-D--

Verse 1:
G        C       G                 G       C        G
Santa himself is coming this year, even if it's not snowing here
        C      A--             G    C
We will have a ball so granda, Hang shiny happy bright lights
G        C                          G         C                           A
Don't forget the cakes at midnight, Wear your dancing shoes and Christmas Bells

Now do this and do that sat the Christmas Comm (x2)

(Repeat Chorus, Interlude, Verse 1 and bridge)

Verse 2:
Something quite wrong is coming along, every detail is fine
    C                  Eb
Yet something seems so queer

Ad lib: E--F#--(x3) E---

(Repeat Chorus twice)

F  G   A
People celebrate (x3)
F  G   A(break)
People celebrate
And all through the town
All the people were trippin'
Then somethin' came down...
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