Eric Carmen - Boats Against The Current chords

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Boats Against The Current
G		  Bm
I know it's over, you know it's over
           C                 G
We're just goin' through the motions 
          Am               B7             Em
But we're sailin' separate oceans worlds apart
        G         C  
And you know it's breakin' my heart

G		 Bm
I was a dreamer, you were a dreamer
       C             G
But perfection is consuming
       Am               B7          Em
And it seems we're only human after all
G                   C  
And we've both been takin' the fall

      Bm		 Em
But tomorrow we'll run a little bit faster
  C                  D			      Bm  Em
Tomorrow we're gonna find what we're after at last
                 C           F#sus4        G              D
Feelings that we left in the past, there's romance in the sunset
      C                 D              G 
We're boats against the current to the end

Maybe we're older, maybe we're colder
So we disregard solutions
While we cling to our illusions once again
And we keep rememberin' when

Seasons are changin', reasons are changin'
But the story isn't ending
So we find ourselves pretending one more day
While the years keep slippin' away


by: Josť Duarte
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