Eric Church - She Wont Leave My Willie Alone chords

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Capo: 5th
Intro: E (Using a blues riff and hammering pinky on A string in the 9th fret)

E				 A (while hammering on D string in the 9th fret)
I got a nice size collection Ill admit it
       E					      B7
The night I showed it to her, Ill never forget it
         E					A
One shot of Whiskey River, she was gone long, gone
	          E	  B7 	   E
She wouldnt leave my Willie alone

  G			 		          Cadd9
I tried to play her everything from Material Girl
			  A				         B7
All of the Skynard and Meryl, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones
           G					    Cadd9
Yeah I tried like hell to hook her on the man in black
			      A				B7
She wasnt having any of that and she keeps coming back
 	E			  A
To the only thing that turns her on
	     E	         B7	E
She wont leave my Willie alone

Well the honeymoon sure did wear off fast
We went from hugging and kissing to fighting like dogs and cats
Things went from bad to worse when she started cleaning out my home, sweet home
And she wouldnt leave my Willie alone


E						A
Iím afraid its been this way my whole life long
		  E	      B7 	      E
They just wont leave my Willie alone
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