Eric Church - Livin Part Of Life chords

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			     Livin Part of Life - Eric Church
Tabbed by: Beariton3

Tuning: Drop D

First tab, pretty sure this is right. Sounds good to me.

Chords Used

G  5x0050
A2 002200
D  000323
Em 222000
G2 444000
G# 555000

Intro (pick part)



Verse 1

  G       A2         D
I woke up early this morning
       G       A2      D
And Im already running late
         G       A2     D                G        A2   D
Theres a list of things long as my arm I wont get done today
      Em             G2               G#                G2
Is it Tuesday, is it Wednesday, there running into each other
         Em                G2               G#                 G2
Somebody tell me, when its my day, man this life can sure be a mother


   D           A2        G        A2
So tomorrow Im taking me fishin
       D           A2         G     A2
Hang a sign on the door of my life
         D           A2       G         A2  D      A2         G
Tell the world that Ive gone missing and I wont be back for a while
      D        A2   G       A2
Im so tired of only wishin
        D        A2       G       A2
I could leave my troubles behind
             Em                        G2                   G#        G2
I wanna be a front porch rockin with a big sun droppin in a blue sky
                  Em           D (strum once)
Kick back and get high, on the livin part of life

Verse 2

They say to keep your spot on the ladder
and keep that money rollin in
They say keepin up with the Jones's boy, you cant back off one inch
well Ive been puttin my time, my time, and Ive built up a pretty good debt
Im gonna spend some, maybe waste some, before my time comes and I wind up dead


Break (Use Em, G2, G# and D, fiddle around with that)


                Em           G2     G#             G2            D
When I get home tonight, Ill open a window and let whatever roll in
                 Em            G2
And if theres no breeze, thats cool with me
         G#                             G2         A2
Ill just raise my sail, and wait on the wind, yeah yeah


And thats it, pretty simple and straight forward song. I got this from a video of 
Eric Church playing on his tailgate. Heres the link if you wanna check it out and 
play along. Thanks.
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